Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to common questions I am asked. If you have a question that isn't covered here, feel free to contact me!


What is a plush commission?
A plush commission is a service paid to an artist to create a quality custom plush to your specifications. Plush artists have varying styles and prices, so please research my previous work to ensure my styles, methods and prices work for you!

Can you make a plush of _____?
I can make just about anything! My focus is videogames, but I will make creatures, humans, animals, anthros, simplified mechs, items, etc from any kind of media as well as original characters. I do not make NSFW features, but can do modesty edits. Don't hesitate to ask if you're unsure.

Do you ship worldwide? What are your payment options?
I'm in the U.S. and ship to any country that accepts plush toy parcels. Currently I accept U.S. Dollars ($) via Paypal.

When do your commissions open?
Opening dates for commissions are not pre-determined. The only way to know for sure when I open is to follow my social media pages (namely Twitter, deviantArtFacebook). Typically it's every 3-4 months, but depends on my event schedule.

How much do commissions cost?
You can take a look at my commission prices and information here. The costs consist of $30/hour + material costs + shipping.

Woah, that's expensive! Why do you charge so much for a toy?
For one, these are works of art, and definitely shouldn't be treated as toys! Secondly, I do this for a living and this has been my sole income for the last 3 years with a total of 7+ years of sewing experience. Materials and labor for this line of work are not cheap. Each plush is custom and individually handmade to your specifications, so individual time, care, and work gets put into each one. There are several active plush artists out there, so if my price doesn't suit you, feel free to contact another who may suit your budget!


General Plush

How long have you been sewing?
Over 7 years at this point! 

Where did you learn how to make plush?
Self-taught! I did a ton of research, looking through tutorials on deviantArt and finding inspiration from other artists' work. The majority of my experience came from loads and loads trial-and-error! My biggest inspirations today are: d215lab, Usako-Chan, SugarStitch, WhittyKitty, and Magnastorm.

How long does one plush take?
This varies drastically from project to project but I tend to work pretty quickly. Small, very simple plush can take under an hour, while larger more extensive plush can take 2 or more full work days. Projects that need to be prototype take an extra half to full day on top.

What machines do you use?
I have two Brother SE-400, one used primarily for sewing and little embroidery, the other used mainly for embroidery and travel. I also have x2 Brother PE-770. I use Stitch Era Universal Standard embroidery software for digitizing my plush's face and details, as well as designs for scarves and patches.

What fabrics do you mainly use for your plushies?
Smooth minky, suedes (more specifically deersuede for human skin), and velour are my top 3. I will occasionally use pleather, peachskin, knits, and other fabrics they are appropriate for the plush.


Artist Alley/Events

How much do your items cost at your booth?
I try to make simple, low-cost items for events. My items typically range from $5 keychains to $100 cheeb human plush, with larger plushies ranging from $150-$400. Prices for larger plush are 10%-15% less than normal commission costs.

Can you sell at ____ con/event?
I currently only sell at competitive videogaming events, so if you have any in mind, let me know and I'll consider it for next year (if it's not already on my list). I do attend several different events each year for fun, but plush merchandise takes so much time and energy to make, so selling at every event is out of the question.

I have a commission with you. Is it possible to pick up at an event to save money on shipping?
Yes of course! Whether I am tabling there or not, feel free to let me know if we're attending the same event and I'll be sure to bring your plush with me! We can schedule a time and spot to meet up. Be prepared to bring your I.D. or invoice receipt!



If you could take an unpopular game and create a living scene out of it, what game would you pick?

Have you ever thought of streaming yourself making plushies?
Actually, yes! In the future I plan on setting up a stream for plush and costume-making on Twitch Creative.

Do you have any end-goals for plush-making?
I think my end-goal would be to eventually get hired by a big (videogame) company to make prototypes for official manufactured plush. Having plush that are more easily accessible to those who want to support me but can't afford the high-cost of a commission is a DREAM. I do enjoy freelance work as it allows me to do a wide variety of projects, and I'm very DIY, so I don't have any plans of hiring workers in the future.

How long have you been cosplaying?
Since late 2006! Started off buying my costumes from eBay, then getting my hands on a sewing machine 3 years later to start making my own.

Will you ever take costume requests for yourself? Do you take commissions for others?
I only make costumes for myself of characters I really enjoy, from games I've played. Costume-making is expensive and time-consuming so I'd rather focus on my interests, since I'll be wearing the costume. I do not and will not take costume commissions.