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I take commissions on a first-come first-serve slot system. Several times throughout the year I'll open commissions and then close them once I've received a good amount of work. Here are the steps to getting a custom plush from me.

1. Get a price quote. You can ask for a quote at any time of the year! It's STRONGLY recommended to get a quote before opening day. Slots tend to fill up between 30 minutes to a few hours of opening and I don't have much time to be figuring out new prices the day of.

2. Get a slot, if the price suits your budget. This can be done ONLY by replying to our on-going e-mail chain stating that you'd like a spot once commissions have opened. I generally accept commissions in the order I receive them. If you're accepted, I will be able to see the price and details we already discussed and it will help keep me organized and more productive.

3. Pay the invoice. Should you receive a slot, payment is due within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. If an issue arises and you need more time, I can accommodate! If I don't hear from you in 24 hours your spot will be forfeited. 

4. Wait patiently for plush to be completed. This can take anywhere from a week to a few months. Once plush is finished, I will post or send photos to you, ask for shipping confirmation, and mail it out!


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Prices listed here are for non-commercial use. For commercial prototyping and design (including the rights to redistribute and profit from my pattern), please contact me for commercial rates!

Prices are in U.S. Dollars $ and are determined by material costs, equipment, and complexity (pattern, technical detailing, and overall labor). This guide does not include shipping, but the quote you receive will include the cost of the plush + estimated shipping costs. *International buyers*: prices do not include fees you may be held accountable for from customs; please check with your country on those charges before commissioning!

There are 2 different plush styles to choose from me: Main Style & Cheeb Style.

Main Style

Stylized plush based closely on references. Made of suedes, smooth minky, velour, and other misc fabrics. Faces are machine embroidered; fingers, toes, paws, and other details (if applicable) are needle-sculpted. Anthros and certain non-humanoid creatures may feature plastic safety eyes or nose when necessary. 


Small (6" - 8")     
$80 - $350

Medium (10"-14")    

Large (18"-20")    

Super Large (24"-30")     $450-$1200

Giant (30"+)    


Small (6"-8")      

Medium (10"-12")    

Large (16"-20")      

SUPER Large (24"+)   



wire/plastic armature +$10-$50
plastic joints +$5 per joint
sound box +$30
pouches +$15-$40
removable/functional features  +$5-$15
interchangeable outfits (prices varies)
weapons or large accessories +$5-$45
polybean filling +$5-$20
specialized fabric (price varies)

Additional Notes

  • Default standing, but can also be made to sit, sit-stand, lie down or any other pose (pose affects price)

  • Sub-style default is UFO Catcher, but can also be made in Pokedoll/Chibi, Beanie, Proportionate (non-humanoids medium & up), or a mock-style based on an existing official plush style (ie- Kuttari, Pokemon Time, Nesoberi, etc)

  • Postage for larger/heavier plush must be calculated upon completion to avoid under/overcharging. These costs can range anywhere from $20-$70+ for both domestic and international orders. Please keep this in mind before ordering as there will be no refunds if you are unable to pay for shipping once the plush is completed.


Cheeb Style

Simplified Lexiipantz style that is popular at conventions! Made as cost-efficient as possible for artist alley events. Body pattern, face, and details are simplified for cuteness! Made from the same high quality fabrics as my main styled plush. Currently only humanoid (human/anthro) characters can be cheeb-style. I typically choose what details to preserve, but always try to keep the most important ones. Any strict detail requests will affect the cost.

Standard Cheeb (10")

Mega-Cheeb (16")

Sleepy Beanie Cheeb (6"-7" long)




only available for cheeb & mega-cheeb:
soundboxes (+$30)   |     removable/functional features (+$5-$15)   |    weapons or large accessories (+$10-$30)    | armor (+$10-$20)





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Terms & Policies

By sending in a form, you agree to the following:

Please research my work before asking for a commission. I follow references closely, however natural stylization will occur due to my personal tastes and methods (example- I love detailing but will simplify where necessary to avoid over-cluttering). Please make sure my style works with you!

Payment via Paypal invoice is required to be put on the commission list. Payment plans can be negotiated in 2 or more parts depending on the final cost. There will be absolutely no construction on a project until full payment is received. An appropriate deadline will be negotiated for when the invoice should be completely paid for.

No refunds. The only (improbable) exception is if an issue arises where I am unable to sew for an indefinite period of time; in this case you will receive a full refund.

Patience is required to ensure your plush's quality as there can be unforeseen delays. I tend to work quickly, but at times outside factors such as health, family, event preparation, and human need to take small breaks to avoid burnout can affect my schedule. I always try to keep everyone on board of any delays on my social media outlets.

Once the plush is sent out, it is no longer my responsibility! I primarily ship via USPS, using Priority Mail/Standard Mail for domestic orders, and International First-Class/Priority for orders outside of the U.S.. Expedited services are available and full insurance for Priority & up can also be purchased. I will never send an order through a service where tracking is unavailable (this includes First-Class International to some countries).

Plush come from a smoke-free home and pet-free area. My family owns 3 hypo-allergenic, non-shedding dogs. They aren't allowed to enter the side of the house with my sewing room, however please commission at your own risk if your allergies are incredibly severe.

I will not make a plush based on another artist's work. Please do not ask my to replicate someone else's work. You will be ignored and blacklisted.


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