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Prices listed here are for non-commercial use. For commercial prototyping and design (including the rights to redistribute and profit from my pattern), please contact me for commercial rates!


There are 2 different plush styles to choose from me: Main Style & Cheeb Style.

Prices are in U.S. Dollars $ and are determined by material costs, equipment, and complexity (pattern, technical detailing, and overall labor). The list does not include shipping, but the quote you receive will include the cost of the plush + estimated shipping costs. *International buyers*: prices do not include taxes you may be held accountable for from customs; please check with your country on those charges before commissioning!


Main Style

Stylized plush based closely on references. Made of suedes, smooth minky, velour, and other misc fabrics. Faces are machine embroidered; fingers, toes, paws, and other details (if applicable) are needle-sculpted. Anthros and certain non-humanoid creatures may feature plastic safety eyes or nose when necessary. 


Small (6" - 8")     
$80 - $350

Medium (10"-14")    

Large (18"-20")    

Super Large (24"-30")     $450-$1200

Giant (30"+)     


Small (6"-8")      

Medium (10"-12")    

Large (16"-20")      

SUPER Large (24"+)   




wire/plastic armature +$10-$50
plastic joints +$5 per joint
sound box +$30
pouches +$15-$40
removable/functional features  +$5-$15
interchangeable outfits (prices varies)
weapons or large accessories +$5-$45
polybean filling +$5-$20
specialized fabric (price varies)

Additional Notes

Default standing, but can also be made to sit, sit-stand, or lie down
Sub-style default is UFO Catcher, but can also be made in Pokedoll/Chibi*, Beanie, Proportionate (non-humanoids medium & up), or a mock-style based on an existing official plush style (ie- Kuttari, Pokemon Time, Nesoberi, etc)

Cheeb Style

Simplified style; made as cost-efficient as possible for artist alley events. Body pattern, face, and details are heavily simplified for cuteness! Mostly machine-sewn, currently made  to stand. Made from the same high quality fabrics as my main styled plush.



soundboxes (+$30)   |     removable/functional features (+$5-$15)   |    interchangeable outfits  (price varies)  |   weapons or large accessories (+$10-$30)

Additional Notes

Due to high volume of interest, $40 is added if "Cheeb" is requested during general commission. This is to avoid burnout as I am already making much of this style as normal convention stock. To avoid this charge, I recommend waiting until I announce Special Cheeb Slots on twitter. I also waive the charge if I am taking commissions for an event you are attending.