Master list to the type of the merch I sell at events! To keep up with the exact merchandise I am making for a particular event, I highly suggest following my Twitter! I allow followers to pay in advance to reserve, or temporarily hold for payment at the event.
Aside from the standard merch, I also make plush in my main style for sale or for auction. The price for these are generally 10%-15% less than normal commission cost. Certain auctioned plush may not be available for remake.


Cheebs - $80-$100

About 9-10" tall, before ears/hair/headgear. Made of suedes, smooth minky, and velours. May feature safety plastic nose when necessary (Fox). 

Available at every event! Characters made will depend on the event. (debuted at Apex 2015)

CEO 2016 cheeb pile

Dolphins - $25 small | $55 large

May's dolphin friend from Guilty Gear!!

Small are 12" long, large are 18" long. Both are made of smooth minky with machine-embroidered faces. They are constructed nearly completely by sewing machine; the only handsewing done is the stuffing hole and attaching the hat to the head.

Available at tournaments with Guilty Gear! (debuted at CEO 2018)


Mega-Cheeb Jack-O alongside standard-sized Jack-O cheebs

Mega-Cheebs - $200-$230

Larger version of Cheebs, about 16" to top of head.
Has a unique facial expression different from their smaller cheeb counterparts.


Can be available at any kind of event. Character/s made will depend upon the event. (debuted at CEOtaku 2016)


Plain colored Kirby

Kirby - $40-$50

About 5" tall. Made of smooth minky with machine-embroidered faces and wet-painted cheeks!!

Always available at tournaments with Super Smash Bros. Colors and hats may vary. (debuted at Apex 2014)

Kirby with copy abilities



Jigglypuff - $50

6" tall including ears. Made of smooth minky with machine-embroidered face. Bottoms are filled with polypellets.

Available at most tournaments with Super Smash Bros. Headgear will vary. (debuted at Genesis 3, 2015)


Mr. Saturn

Mr. Saturn - $45

About 9" tall.  Made of smooth minky and feature safety plastic eyes. Their hair strands have fuzzy sticks inside for poseability.


Available at tournaments with Super Smash Bros. (debuted at Genesis 3, 2015)


Long-cat styled Sylveon Scarf

Scarves/Hats - $20-$45

Made of anti-pill velour or luxe fleece. Details are machine-embroidered or appliqued.

Scarves are roughly 5 feet long.
Hats are one-size-fits-most (24"-26" brim). Fabric has a bit of a stretch to it.

Hats available all year at some events. 
Scarves available during winter events.

(debuted at Apex 2012)


Normal scarves


Mini-Plush Keychains

Mini-Plush Keychains - Now $5 each

3" tall. Made of suede and anti-pill fleece. Clothing and faces were painted and heatset.

No longer making stock or taking orders for these. I will only be selling what I have left over. (debuted at Apex 2014)