Meet Lexi


My name is Alexis Cole, but I prefer Lexi or Lex! I'm a self-taught plush toy artist based in St. Petersburg, FL. I specialize in freelance commission work for private collectors and enthusiasts as well as fan-made merchandise that I sell primarily at videogaming events. I would love to one day be able to work on commercial prototype-work for gaming companies to mass-produce!!

I've been into videogames for my entire life, and they have always been a big influence for my art. It wasn't until 2009 where I discovered my passion for sewing; that became my primary creative outlet and, 5 years later, my primary source of income! At the moment, most of the merchandise I create for events is focused around competitive fighting games as those are the events I frequent most. I hope to expand to more conventions and events in the near future!

Outside of plushies and videogames, I adore cute things, traveling, cosplay, fashion, Pokemon, animals, cooking, and Detective Conan.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or visit my FAQ page!

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